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“As long as the police carry out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally”.

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2012 has definitely not put its best foot forward as has been characteristic of all election years in Zimbabwe in the past 3 decades of independence. Recent events of violence by some unscrupulous members of the police force in Nkayi and other areas, which have been synonymous with election years in those areas, have degraded the status of the once elite force in the region to the ranks of the notorious NAZI Geheime Staatspolizei, commonly known as Gestapo (Secret State Police). Our police have become so partisan in the Zimbabwean securitised politics that even the top ranking military and police officers openly reiterate that they will never accept a President who did not fight in the liberation struggle.

In the Gestapo fashion, the Zimbabwean police have the carte blanche to be the judge, jury and executioner; they operate without judicial oversight in intimidating and crushing citizens accused of being sympathetic to the opposition. And, as Werner Best, the onetime head of legal affairs in the Gestapo once pointed out, the police are there to serve the will of the leadership and not the people. Commenting on the incident, Co-Minister of Home Affairs, Theressa Makone promised to do all she can in her “limited powers” to ensure order and peace in Zimbabwe. Limited powers? The poor half minister has no powers at all. This is made apparent by the fact that after every such illegal behaviour by the police she has to seek audience with the Police commissioner who has always vowed that her President will never be the country’s President as long as he is still Police Commissioner. If MDC is in government with the mandate from the majority of Zimbabweans why do they come and tell us they are powerless to control their portfolios? This also begs the question, “Who controls the police?”  The position of the opposition in the coalition is very unenviable.  It has dismally failed to represent and fight for the rights of the people. It is fighting for more “power”, as the co-minister of Home Affairs stated. It is no wonder the majority of Zimbabweans felt relief at the resuscitation of ZAPU, the author of the true liberation of Zimbabweans

As if the harassment people face in the hands of the police was not enough, rainfall this season is also erratic. Poor harvests and the corollary food hand outs have persistently been exploited by the corrupt leadership to twist the hand of the populace during election years. They have branded their shameless blackmail, campaigning. Areas controlled or inclined towards the opposition and other moderate regions are made to suffer in the distribution of donor food. What nation holds its own citizens to ransom?

Zimbabwe’s failure to value its most important resource, people, has thrown the country into a severe crisis in the past 3 decades; a crisis which has seen the once vibrant and dynamic society and economy virtually collapsing as political instability, lawlessness, misgovernment and a relentless economic meltdown transformed this erstwhile leading southern African nation into a proverbial basket case. Lack of decisive action by the Southern African regional body is surprising given the extent of the Zimbabwean crisis repercussions on the region. Zimbabweans do not feel free in their own country which has forced the majority of them to leave the country to neighbouring nations. Those with resources have even gone further abroad to the countries against which we fought for liberation; what a disappointment.

Elections in Zimbabwe have never been perceived to be free and fair since they are always characterised by state-sponsored violence and vote-rigging. This has resulted in high voter apathy and frustration. As Zimbabweans we want to return to our own nation. Our hopes for a completely free and stable Zimbabwe now rest with ZAPU. We encourage all professionals and ordinary Zimbabwean who decided to vote with their feet and leave the country to go and register to vote. Only the ballot will determine the future of Zimbabwe.



Last Updated ( Monday, 06 February 2012 10:13 )  

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